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ESK Multi-Benefit Rejuvenating Spray Serum for Face Scalp and Body

Miraculous kelp formula that doubles as a beauty serum and problem solver. Fragrance free formulation for rapid, calming, cooling, soothing relief for sensitive skin issues. Safe for use on:

  • Contact dermatitis & athlete’s foot
  • Minor cooking burns & sundrenched skin
  • Rashes, Itch and Hives
  • Poison Ivy + Bug bites & stings
  • Even some eczema & psoriasis patches
  • Tattoos, waxed & shaved skin

As a beauty serum and/or essence water, integral in Asian skin care regimes, ESK hydrates and primes skin with micro-nutrients aiding with fast absorption of moisture enabling ingredients. Get more bang for your buck and do more with less! Prep skin with ESK first to get the best performance out of your favorite skin care products. Your skin will look and feel healthier! Patented, dermatologically, clinically and safety tested formula. Become a believer and try the powerful health benefits of kelp today!

$25.00 + FREE shipping

Lightweight, rejuvenating, non-greasy, residue and fragrance free spray serum. ESK captures the miraculous power of freshly (and sustainably) harvested Ecklonia Sea Kelp through a proprietary micronization process.

ESK will revolutionize your all over body care. Biotechnology in a bottle, rich in marine macro & micro minerals, amino acids and vitamins revitalize your face, scalp and body. ESK will make you feel refreshed and look great too!


A staggering 60% of the US population suffers with finding relief for sensitive skin issues. ESK provides instant soothing, cooling, calming relief to skin insults using biotechnology to capture the health-giving properties of kelp cytoplasm.

  • Relieves redness, itch and inflammation
  • Hydrates, moisturizes, softens and tones
  • Rejuvenates, revitalizes and refreshes
  • Non-stinging, hypoallergenic formula
  • pH balanced for rapid skin absorption
  • strengthens skin’s barrier functions
  • skin will look and feel healthier


Experience the ultimate multi-tasker! Unlock the Asian secrets of essence water and liberate your skin from discomfort. Sense the hydration of priming your skin with micro-nutrients and enjoy the feeling of rapid relief of distressed skin.  A lightweight yet potent spray. Use ESK to hydrate, refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin!

Use ESK in good health. Use ESK in bad health.

ESK is packaged in a 5 oz plastic bottle with a fine mist sprayer

Ingredients: Water, Ecklonia Maxima Extract, Glucose, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate


Step 1

Purchase your ESK Skin & Beauty Treatment for only $25 + FREE SHIPPING!

Step 2

Receive your package in the mail in just a few short days.

Step 3

Start experiencing relief and healthy skin in a natural way!



from Real People

I just recently had very, very bad hives on my hands. I tried RX creams and allergy meds and the only product that gave me immediate relief was ESK! ESK eliminated the itching, the pain, and the redness as soon as it was sprayed on my hands. My hives were gone within 30 minutes to an hour depending on its severity. On their own, the hives would take any were from 2-48 hrs to go away. This is a miracle serum. I highly recommend this product!!


First time I used this product was summer of 2016, big BBQ Saturday night with family, accidentally left the spatula on top of the BBQ cover while cooking. Reached for the spatula and got a second degree burn on my hand. A friend gave me a bottle of ESK. I used it immediately. Took all the pain away, did get a blister, kept using the product, there was no pain through the healing process. I always keep a bottle in my kitchen and bathroom. I been using since for pain relief of headaches, skin rashes of all kinds, sun burns and especially for razor burns after shaving. This is an outstanding product. Can be used for anything. It does work!