ESK Multi-Benefit Rejuvenating Spray Serum for your pet

If Pet Wellness matters to you, try ESK Sea Kelp Spray Serum to rapidly calm, cool and soothe:

  • Pet hot spots, itch and rash
  • Inflammation
  • Bug bites and stings
  • Burned pads
  • Itchy ears

ESK also hydrates, moisturizes, reduces redness and quiets that nasty itch all at the same time! Soothing the itch helps reduce scratching and licking allowing the area to heal.

5.0 fluid ounce bottle/$25.00 a bottle includes shipping in the continental United States.

Fine Mist Spray, Fragrance Free, Patented, Dermatologically and Safety tested.

$25.00 + FREE shipping

Lightweight, rejuvenating, non-greasy, residue and fragrance free spray serum. ESK captures the miraculous power of freshly (and sustainably) harvested Ecklonia Sea Kelp through a proprietary micronization process.

No more pills or injections. Simply spray ESK onto affected area as often as needed. Let air dry or rub in. For hard to reach places, saturate a cotton swab and apply. ESK works quickly to calm that nasty itch AND moisturizes, hydrates and reduces redness all at the same time. Read the testimonials and become a believer in the power of kelp!


Step 1

Purchase your ESK Skin & Beauty Treatment for only $25 + FREE SHIPPING!

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Receive your package in the mail in just a few short days.

Step 3

Start experiencing relief and healthy skin in a natural way!


A Dog’s Tale

My name is Shadow. For the past 13 years I have been a prisoner to a chronic skin issue……..(WE NEED TO REMOVE THE REFERENCE TO SEBORRHEA). I had oily, itchy, scaly patches all over my body. I would lose my hair in clumps leaving ugly bald spots everywhere. My Mom and Dad tried everything, but nothing helped. No one wanted to pet me. I scratched myself constantly and worst of all I smelled. One week ago, my Dad started spraying me with ESK once a day, every day. Now my scaling and itching are fading away! My hair is growing back and my bald spots are filling in with fresh new hair growth! I am so happy, I can’t stop wagging my tail!!


“I have used ESK on my 80lb dog who has sensitive paws (pad portion). After walks she would lick her paws obsessively causing redness and even lick them raw on occasion similar to a hot spot. As soon as I spray ESK on her paws she immediately stops licking her paws and you can feel her sigh of relief as she relaxes. I highly recommend this product!!”

“I am currently treating my dog’s facial tumors and irritated paws with much success. The tumors are still there, but not as big as they were before, and not as inflamed.”