ESK® Ecklonia Sea Kelp Rejuvenating Spray Serum for Face, Scalp, & Body

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5 Fl. oz bottle of ESK Formula.

Multi-Benefit Rejuvenating Spray Serum
For Face, Scalp and Body

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5 Fl. oz bottle

Hypoallergenic, non-stinging, pH balanced formula ESK® instantly moisturizes skin. Use ESK® as a primer to re-fresh and enhance skin absorption before applying your favorite beauty balm or skin care cream. Use ESK® to moisturize hair and scalp. Can be used on wet, dry or color treated hair. Safe for sundrenched, waxed and sensitive skin. Calms after hot-flashes, tattoos, hives, itch, minor burns, insect bites and stings. rolex sea dweller replica


Shake well. Spray generously on affected area or all over hair, face and body. Apply as often as needed. Let air dry. Results can be immediate or take up to 40 minutes. For extra hydration, saturate skin am and pm with ESK® as a primer before applying your favorite skin care products to help enhance performance. Or, spritz ESK® in palm and mix with your favorite skin care products to extend applications.


Purified Water, Ecklonia Maxima Extract, glucose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, citric acid, sodium citrate.

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15 reviews for ESK® Ecklonia Sea Kelp Rejuvenating Spray Serum for Face, Scalp, & Body


    I just recently had very very bad hives on my hands. I tried RX creams and allergy meds and the only product that gave me immediate relief was ESK! ESK eliminated the itching, the pain, and the redness as soon as it was sprayed on my hands. My hives were gone within 30 minutes to an hour depending on its severity. On there own, the hives would take any were from 2-48 hrs to go away. This is a miracle serum. I have also used this on my 80lb dog who has sensitive paws (pad portion). After walks she would lick her paws obsessively causing redness and even lick them raw on occasion similar to a hot spot. As soon as I spray ESK on her paws she immediately stops licking her paws and you can feel her sigh of relief as she relaxes. I highly recommend this product!!


    I have used this product with exceptional results on almost everything you can think of, and continue to find more uses for it. I found uses and relief from ESK from a very painful ankle and heal, headache, arthritic joints, puffy eyes, hemeroids, insect bites, hives, rashes, red irritated skin from edema, irritated cuticles, aching knees and back pain. Acts as a great anti-inflammatory , and can actually see and feel results quickly. I am currently treating my dog’s facial tumors and irritated paws with much success. The tumors are still there, but not as big as they were before, and not as inflamed. My husband and son also have their own supply, and use it daily for neck pain, muscular and joint fatigue and soreness. I would definitely recommend this product with confidence, knowing customers will return to purchase more. My family and I will continue to use this product, and will recommend it for as long as it’s available. Great product, with great results. Relief as you need it. THANK YOU ESK!


    I’m very pleased with this product. I have used it successfully for a variety of skin problems. It has stopped the itch, swelling and redness of insect bites. I have burned my hands and arms when removing dishes from the oven. I sprayed ESK immediately on the burn and it stopped the pain instantly and I never developed a blister that I had when not using ESK. I recently had an allergic reaction to a hemorrhoid medication. I was in misery. I had severe itching and burning pain. I tried everything for relief, antihistimines, cortisone creams. Nothing helped. I couldn’t sleep. I tried ESK. It stopped the pain and quieted the itching. I was able to sleep and I was able to heal. It was like a miracle. ESK has helped with everything I have tried it for. I will not be without a bottle in my home now. It also moisturizes my skin. I keep finding uses for ESK everyday.


    I have used this product for different applications with wonderful results. I used it on a burn that was blistering. It not only took away the pain, it left the area smooth and free of any scar. It left no indication of a burn on my skin when a burn of this type would have left a scar in the past.
    I have also used ESK as a facial moisturizer. I sprayed it liberally on my face and particularly under my eyes. It not only left my skin looking more vibrant ESK also eliminated the dark circles under my eyes.
    ESK is a very versatile product that can relieve pain, itching, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. I have added this product to my daily skin care routine with amazing results.


    This product is amazing. I was given ESK as a gift from a friend and can honestly say that it was one of the best gifts I’ve received. I have used it for burns and have found that it relieves the burning and promotes healing with little or no scar. Recently I had an accident and ended up with 5 stitches to my forehead. I used ESK to help relieve the itching and not only did it help with the itching but I have a minimal scar. my favorite part about ESK is how much son, who is 6, loves it. We live in the country and have lots of bugs fluttering around in the warmer months, when my son gets a bite of any kind the first thing he asks for is the blue bottle of ESK. It not only relieves the itching but also relieves the swelling and redness. I am a fan for life.


    I have very sensitive skin. My skin reacts any fragrances and immediately gets red and itchy. This ESK was amazing that it was so mild on my skin and it moisturizes that I felt my skin is like baby skin! It is a magic water! I love it. Thank you ESK for bringing natural magic water!


    Just had a sore spot on toe caused from thong sandals. Sprayed ESK on three times and does not hurt now. Mark still there but no pain!


    First time I used this product was Summer of 2016, big BBQ Saturday night with family, accidentally left the spatula on top of the BBQ cover while cooking, Reached for the spatula and got a second degree burn on my hand . A friend gave me a bottle of ESK, I used it immediately, took all the pain away, did get a blister, kept using the product, there was no pain through the healing process. I always keep a bottle in my kitchen and bathroom, I been using since for pain relief of headaches, skin rashes of all kinds, sun burns and especially for razor burns after shaving. This is an outstanding product, can be use for anything, it does work ! I’ve been styling my hair in the morning with ESK over the last 2 months, seems to be thickening my hair, will advise on progress.


    Great product. I recommend it to everyone. I had a bad sunburn and I used ESK when I got back and it helped heal me fast. As an actor, I would be glad to let others know how great ESK worked. I hope this product stays around for a very long time. It is original and brings positive results.


    I have a high sensitivity and allergies to various bug bites. Bees, red ants some plants and mosquitos just enjoy me. EpiPen has become my buddy.

    Then came ESK. I tried it, it worked and I rate it a 10. I developed a method, yours may be different. Suggest you coat the area well with spray and in a circular motion, with my finger,gently rub the spray in. I found spraying every 5 to10 minutes, depending on the severity, until it starts to work. You will see and feel the itch-redness and swelling gradually disappear usually within an hour. That has been my experience.

    Recent nightmare!

    3:10 A.M. I’m awakened because of an uncontrollable itch on my right index finger. This seemed to be no bug bite I’ve ever experienced before. It must be poison ivy.

    Was working cutting and clearing an area for my wild flowers and guess I wasn’t careful enough this time. Trying to explain the feeling would be impossible. I decided

    to give ESK a try using the same application as before only more often because of the intensity. I continued to use my developed pattern.

    Around 4:30 A.M. I pulled up the sheets and went back to sleep.

    It does work people. Try it.


    I’m Sensitive Nick!


    I have used the ESK product for about 4 weeks. I thought there has been enough time to send you some feedback. The quick information is that I have had great relief. I have not experienced the outbreak of the blistery rash that usually follows the intense itching. The longer version is below.

    I did not start to use the product immediately after receiving it because my skin outbreaks have been minimal since about September 2017.

    However about the third week of December, an area in my upper right chest became inflamed, intensely itchy followed by an outbreak of a blistery rash. The outbreak can remain in a small area or it can be large. It typically lasts for two to three weeks leaving a dark discoloration. The problem really never goes away but as one rash is coming to the end of its cycle a new one appears in another area of my chest, abdomen back or buttock. I have experienced this cycle for as long as 18 months before I have had any sustained relief from them. The last cycle I had began in August of 2016 and tapered off in September of 2017.

    In December when the itching and rash began again I immediately tried the ESK. To my great relief, it calmed the intense itching quickly. The rash did show up the next day but I sprayed the ESK whenever the itching started. The rash and itching were gone in two days. The rash did not spread nor did it reappear in any other area of my body.

    I have been experiencing the intense itching on my chest and back areas mostly at night. Sometimes the itching is so bad it wakes me up. I spray the ESK on my skin and it seems to calm it down almost immediately. There has been no rash outbreak since using ESK on the itches.

    I began experiencing skin problems in 1999, but the episodes were mostly short and in small areas. However, since February 2011 I have been plagued by this problem almost continuously with periods of remission the longest lasting about 2 years.

    Also, I used the ESK on my daughter’s dog who has serious skin and other allergies. He is on a daily dose of Benadryl. He was scratching his belly until it was bleeding. In desperation, I decided to try the ESK. It worked almost immediately. I could not believe it.

    Thank you for your help and your product.


    Just wanted to touch bases with you regarding the numerous treatments I received for my recurring skin condition. First, let me happily say that I have been free from any outbreaks since December. Whenever I have felt the intense itching which typically has signaled the start of the rash, I spray the ESK on the affected area. I get relief within a short period of time and it is the longest lasting relief of any of the treatments that were ever tried.

    Prednisone for first week, Benadryl daily, various cortisone creams. While on the Prednisone the inflammation, rash and itching were relieved but returned soon after I stopped the medication.

    The Benadryl and cortisone creams gave little or no relief.

    One dermatologist said the appearance and locations of the inflammation and rash gave every indication that it was Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH disease). A biopsy was needed to confirm the diagnosis. The biopsy report indicated negative for DH disease. The condition was treated as a contact dermatitis but the cause remained unknown. When the condition became out of control again in 2015 another biopsy was done for DH disease and it again came back negative. Treatment was limited to creams, powders and Benadryl daily with very little relief. I was informed that I may need to have several more biopsies (possibly as many as 6 more) before DH disease could be eliminated.

    Over the years, I have consulted with several dermatologist and an allergist; none have been able to diagnose the condition or offer any long term successful treatment.

    P.S. Shingles was ruled out as the shingles virus attacks a nerve and remains on that nerve line. I did have shingles in 2007 and while the rash for my skin condition is blistery it is smaller looking than shingles. Also, this rash erupts on various parts of the body i.e. chest, upper back, lower back and buttocks either at the same time or can appear somewhere else as one area is clearing up.


    Excellent product. This is my experience:
    Burns: I burned my finger with very hot oil while cooking. My immediate reaction was to apply some ice against the burned skin and then I remembered I had ESK. I applied in directly to the burn; immediately the pain associated with the burn was gone. There is more, there was no sign of any burn on my finger. This product is great. Since this happened, I keep a bottle in my kitchen.

    Hair color: I have been using hair coloring products for about 25 years. About 5 years ago, I started developing an allergic reaction to hair coloring. I tried different brands but the end result was the same; great color but pain and rash around my ears and around the hairline, and itch in my head for around a week. Last time I finished coloring my hair, applied ESK around my ears, hairline and in my scalp. It worked great as the pain and itching was almost gone. I will definitely continue using it.

    Sunburns: I go to the beach a lot, and even thou I use sunblock, the sun can burn the skin if you are not careful. I have found that this product is excellent to keep your skin moisturized and helps to protect your skin if you actually get a sunburn.

    I recommend this product, it is truly fantastic!


    I just wanted to share my true ESKperience…
    I spent last weekend visiting Puerto Rico’s beaches on the west coast 🌴. After getting a Caribbean sunburn, I sprayed ESK on my body and felt an instant relief, especially it relieved the itching on my chest and belly. I carried on my purse and sprayed it throughput the day!!! Feels wonderful!!


    We had the opportunity to use ESK in St Thomas. I used it on my face after shaving as a toner. I used it in conjunction with a moisturizer. I felt it worked best that way. I also sprayed it on my face and arms prior to going outside. A lot of sun that week. Two of the girls used it after getting bug bites on the beach and found it soothing. I find it soothing on my face after shaving. I also spray it on my head and I do use it to help style what little hair I have left. My wife also has been using it as a toner.


    It literally stopped the itching immediately and was noticeably clearing it up faster with the first spray. I was VERY impressed!

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